Easier Living

Moving in for months or Staying a few nights?
Spleet has you covered with flexible payment options.

Why Spleet ?


You can find living spaces that satisfy your needs for as short as a few nights or as long as a year.

Co-Shared Option

Live in our affordable living space options by sharing the cost of the home with verified housemates.

Flexible Payment

Occupy living space for as long as a year and pay monthly, quarterly etc.

We’ve worked hard to provide you with a space with as little hassle as possible.
How long do you need a space for?
We've got you covered for any duration!
Drop By Sometime
Staying for some days? choose any of our well-equipped apartments and feel welcome and relaxed.
settle in
Our serviced apartments are affordable at a monthly rate, centrally located and perfect for a comfortable stay.

frequently asked questions

We are a company that provides great living spaces with flexible & convenient payment options.

No, we offer both "Daily" (Short let options) & "Monthly" (Permanent stay options).

No, we have a combination of shared & entire spaces.

Spleet permits you to stay as long as you would like, from one day to a year with a standard renewable month to month contract.

Our daily option caters to those who need a space for a very short while for reasons of relaxation, events, touring etc while the monthly option caters to those who need to get closer to work, moving into a new town and don’t want to deal with the stress of finding a place through agents.

Getting a space through Spleet just requires you to select your preferred space, book a viewing and make payments for the number of days you would need the space(s), However, with our monthly options, details such as your place of work, alternate address, a reference etc will be needed in order to ascertain that there will be no monthly defaults in payment.

Our daily option guarantees you a standard 24 hours power supply while our monthly option provides a standard 18 hours power supply.

Security is top of our priority hence we will not put you in places that are not adequately guarded, also ensuring that your visitors understand the protocol for the genuine reason of your safety, whether you are in our spleet space for a day or months.